“If God’s goodness is inconsistent with hurting us, then either God is not good or there is no God: for in the only life we know He hurts us beyond our worst fears and beyond all we can imagine.”

-C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

“We all live in a fallen world, where illness, suffering, and pain are part of the fabric of existence.”

-Kenneth Swanson

“There is a triumph that is in Christ, but it goes through suffering, not around it.” -Richard J. Foster

“The entire life of Jesus shows us the compatability of grace and suffering.” – Foster

“…the Bible knows nothing of a God who is uninvolved or only marginally involved in sending negative circumstances into people’s lives. As far as the Bible is concerned, God makes the final decision about every situtation that enters people’s lives. God may choose to use intermediate instruments to accomplish these circumstances: other people, weather, even satanic forces. But it is God who personally designs, authorizes, and sets limits on every one of the negative circumstances that strikes people’s lives. This is the worldview of the Bible.”

-Brokenness, Lon Solomon


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